10 Places to visit

Minerva's Garden

Located in the heart of the historic centre of Salerno, Minerva’s Garden is a botanical garden created in the 12th Century by Matteo Silvatico, an important doctor from Scuola Medica Salernitana (Medical School of Salerno), the most ancient University of Medicine in the world, to teach students the principles and benefits of the botanical species cultivated in it.

The garden consists of three levels, all accessible to visitors. From the terracings it is possible to have a privileged and suggestive view of the coast and the historic centre of the city.

Opening times and prices are available on the website http://www.giardinodellaminerva.it/

Cathedral of Salerno

Built between 1080 and 1085 by Roberto il Guiscardo, after having conquered the city, the cathedral was consecrated by Pope Gregory VII during his exile.

In the crypt the remains of Saint Matthew, Salerno’s patron saint, are guarded. Saint Matthew is celebrated on 21st September, on this occasion, Saint Matthew’s statue, together with those of Saint Gregory VII and Saint Joseph’s, are carried in procession through the historic centre.

Opening times of the Cathedral are available on the website http://www.cattedraledisalerno.it/

Arechi Castle

Located at about 300 metres above sea level, on top of Mount Bonadies, Arechi Castle is a Medieval fortification built by the Longobard duke Arechi II. The castle has always remained unconquered and, according to some legends, there are several secret passages that connect it to some watchtowers, among which “Forte La Carnale”.

Opening times of the Castle are available on the website http://www.ilcastellodiarechi.it/

Forte La Carnale

Built in 1563 to protect the city from Saracen raids, this watchtower was built on the coast, near the mouth of the River Irno. From its terrace it is possible to see the coasts that embrace Salerno: the Cilento and the Amalfi coasts.

Ferry Terminal

Designed by architect Zaha Hadid, Salerno’s ferry terminal is located on the Manfredi dock, inside the commercial port. The Hadid Studio described this work as “an oyster with an external hard shell holding inside fluid and soft elements; a “quenched” covering constituting a protective shield from the intense sunshine of the Mediterranean area”. Its inauguration, on 27th April 2016, was made known in Italy and abroad.



Built in the Fifties, Salerno’s Seafront runs along the Tyrrhenian Sea for over 1,500 metres, offering a stroll on one of the most beautiful views of the city.

Public Garden

Designed in 1870, Salerno’s Public Garden may be considered the green space of the city. Hosting several cultural events, among which “Mostra della Minerva”, an exhibition and market selling rare plants and garden objects, Salerno’s Public Garden houses the Tullio fountain.

Via dei Mercanti

Since Medieval times via dei Mercanti has been considered the main communication route for commerce in the city. It stretches along the historic centre, through renowned buildings, artisan shops and historic churches, of great cultural value. Via Mercanti is still today one of the key places in the city.

Muri d'Autore

Promoted by Alfonso Gatto Cultural Foundation, the “Muri d’Autore” project is part of an initiative entailing the renovation, thanks to street art, of some streets in the historic centre of the cityStarting from Fornelle neighbourhood, passing through San Bonosio alley, up to the staircase in via Velia, the walls of the buildings have been transformed into real open-air blackboards, where it is possible to read some of the lines of the most important poems at world level.

Shopping and nightlife

In addition to being the pedestrian area connecting the Railway Station with the historic centre, Corso Vittorio Emanuele is the main shopping street in Salerno, where it is possible to find the best “made in Italy” brands.